With the changing marketing dynamics, there has been a haul of new technology and tools. The year 2018 has just started and we have so much to share about the emerging technologies of this year that are making huge impact on our lifestyle and future. According to the article 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018, published by MIT technology, 2018 is going to have great influence on our lives in terms of technology and its usage. We have tried to cover some of the top ranked technologies of this year. Read on to find more about 10 incredible breakthrough technologies of 2018.

3D Metal printers

The technology of 3D metal printing have already existed for years but it has been slow to catch on. The technology has remained far from the reach of most of the organizations. But in 2018, the technology of 3D printing is becoming easily accessible and less expensive for business owners. It has also been observed that a great number of companies including Mark forged, GE and Desktop metal have just lately released 3D Metal printers that could diminish the need for producers and manufacturers to maintain large inventories.

AI for everyone

AI also known as artificial intelligence  could only be reached by big tech companies like Baidu, Amazon, Google and Microsoft but in 2018, the technology has been made easier to be accessed by small-to-medium tech businesses. This technology will have great contribution in sectors like medicine, production, and energy transformation with a huge boost to economic productivity.

Dueling Neural Networks

As far as AI is concerned, it can only identify images after being qualified on database of pictures. But still it fails to generate real images by itself. On the other side Dueling Neural has become one of the greatest innovations of 2018, helping produce the results that can even fool a human eye.

Zero-carbon natural gas

If you talk about natural gas so it has always been a primary source of electricity production across the globe. But it is also a great source of carbon emission. Net power (a well-known tech company) is working on a technology that could be used to make clean energy from “natural gas.” If the testing goes successful then it can help the world produce carbon-free energy from the fossil fuel at cheaper cost.

Learn more about zero-carbon gas here Net Zero Carbon – Bollinger Energy.



Sensing city

There have been many smart city plans that have faced delays, cost and operational issues, but the latest smart city project based in Toronto, known as Quayside, is working with the “Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs” in order to rebuild Urban neighborhood around the digital technologies

It has been reported that the project aims to place decisions such as design, technology and policy on information collected from an extensive network of sensors.  It was also reported that these sensors will be able to measure factors like air quality, noise level and acti