Whether you are a fledgling business spreading your wings to take flight, an old business finally coming out of the cave, or a company growing so fast that it just cannot keep up – hiring a helping hand doesn’t hurt.

Here are the signs that indicate hiring a Facebook agency is in your best interests.

You are investing a substantial amount and not getting results

Facebook is the most used social media. You decided to harvest this opportunity and have a large capital to back you up.

You have already spent too much, yet haven’t seen sufficient results – why is your campaign failing?

Firstly, with Facebook ads, bigger is not always better. Secondly, to pinpoint the exact problem, you will need to bring an expert to help you.

You do not have an experienced in-house team

The average business usually does not have resources to launch a Facebook campaign. While a makeshift in-house team can attempt to launch a Facebook marketing campaign through self-help guides, chances are it will fail.

Facebook ads seem deceptively easy. For instance, to install Facebook pixel code there are only four steps. Yet, anyone who has attempted to install it can testify the process is anything but simple.

Apart from this you just cannot match the experience of a professional.

Your budget is getting smaller

No one has an infinite budget. If you are already struggling to keep up with paid social ads, it would be worthwhile to make this decision smartly. On one hand, you have a less costly but risky option. On the other, you have a onetime expense but with high chances of working option.

What will you choose?

Your efforts are in vain

Your team has tried everything in their power yet the results are disappointing. It is okay, happens to the best of us. Hiring a Facebook advertising agency at this point may be just the boost needed.

Firstly, you’ll get a fresh perspective on the whole campaign. Secondly, they might notice some key points your team has been missing all along.

Your existing team can work in harmony with the hired agency for the best results. They can provide crucial insights into what has been already implemented so that the agency can work on other things.

Your team is overburdened

Though the biggest, facebook is not the only channel for social media advertising. Your team may be busy handling other channels and is finding it overwhelming to keep up with regular facebook posts and such.
Overworking your employees is never a good idea. Apart from ruining employee health, this practice will always come back to bite you.

Instead, how about hiring an agency?


Advertising agencies have been witnessing a continuous increase in their revenue. It is a multimillion-dollar industry, showing no signs of stopping.

The reason? Hiring advertising agency actually bears fruit.