If there is one thing that can be stated about digital marketing with complete surety, it is that this field is never static. Let it be SEO marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing – consumers are constantly evolving and so are the marketing strategies. With new features and functions introduced on social media every other month, marketers will have to keep up in order to launch successful digital marketing campaigns.

Read to find out what are the major trends that will shape this year’s marketing efforts.


Recent statistics have shown us a strong trend favoring videos. One third of online activity is spent watching video, and over half of this content is viewed on mobile phones.
Videos are easy to watch, absorb, and engaging. With the right video content designed for the right devices, your digital marketing campaign could be a hooting success.

Social media influencers

The digital marketers of fashion industry have already taken note: 57% of fashion and beauty industries include social media influencer in their marketing efforts, and for every dollar invested, they get a return of $6.5. The figures make a lot of sense when you consider 86% of beauty videos on YouTube that are most viewed, are made by social media influencers.

Fashion industry has set a prime example, and we are certain many will be following the lead this year. Marketers will have to be smart, however; people can tell when branding has been forced in a video and they seem to call out upon it.


Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and a great opportunity for marketers. These are made to talk to human, and can be used to provide customer service round the clock.
As per this marketing survey, people expect to use chatbots for things such as customer support, making reservations, finding human customer support, paying bills, making basic purchases, and so on – you get the idea – people have a lot of expectations.
In 2016 the chatbot industry value was a colossal $703 million dollar, and by 2021 we should expect it to grow at a compound rate of 35.2%.

That is one trend digital marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Storytelling revamped

Snapchat was the pioneer of “stories”. Soon after, many other social media platforms followed lead, and now these stories have become a fundamental.

Other Social media platforms offer their own version of stories but they all follow the same concept initiated by Snapchat; short video clips updated that disappear after 24 hours.
Considering Instagram stories has over 300 million users, these short clips and pictures are a thriving opportunity for marketers. We expect to see continued popularity this year, too.


New forms of digital content marketing such as the “stories” are paving way for newer and more creative SEM marketing practices. At this point, if you decide to hire a digital marketing company, be sure to hire only the one of the top digital marketing agencies. You do not want waste money with outdated practices, now do you?