Lead generating has become easier for businesses with a professional website that strongly communicates your message. But, ensuring delivery of right message to the right audience at right time is imperative. This is why investing time and resources in getting a good SEO content is important. Quality content is not just created to make your business attractive, but the aim is to make the right people read it.

If you want people to read what you are writing, you need to be visible and rank higher on renowned search engines. Quality content marketing is considered as a proven way to reach out bigger section of target market. Your content should not only impress readers, but it should also impress search engines. In short, you require SEO friendly content.

Creating quality content becomes imperative when you aim to create an impression on the readers. However, creating content without focusing on the SEO aspects decrease the chances of content being visible in front of the right people.

People often think that creating SEO friendly content is hard. Of course not, if you want to reap the benefits of the SEO without breaking any of the white head rules, you need to follow some guidelines that we will discuss further in this article.


Use Original Approach

Making an impression may become difficult if you recycle the same old text like every Tom Dick and Harry. Neither readers like reading repetitive content nor search engines accept recycled content. Therefore, use an original approach to impress both readers and search engines. Without hesitation target keyword with 0-10 monthly searches.


Title and Meta Optimization

Make your website SEO friendly by optimizing titles and metas. Have keywords directly targeted in the Title and Meta of every page. With the help of plugins like Yoast SEO, you can edit titles and metas easily.



Don’t Use Banned SEO Tactics

Remember, it’s not worth engaging in SEO methods banned by renowned search engines like Google.  If you are unaware of what’s banned, consider having a look at quality guidelines outlined by Google. These guidelines can save you from getting blacklisted.


Creating Backlinks

Obtaining links for your website is easy, however, every link can’t rank you on the top. Only credible relevant links can help you get required position, they are considered worth putting the effort. You can obtain those backlines using guest articles, infographics, and testimonials. You can promote content on social media.


Improving User’s Experience

Users’ experience has immense impact on the bounce rate of a website. In fact, it has direct impact on the search engine ranking. A bounce rate track the number of visits on a website, it increases when a visitor leaves your website without browsing additional pages. In order to lower down bounce rate of the website, you need to provide positive user experience. Short paragraphs, faster page loading, foolproof navigation, proper formatting can definitely help improve user’s experience.


Usage of Right Keywords

There is no point of having SEO friendly content if it attracts wrong visitors. In order to attract the right ones, you need to focus on the right keywords. Additionally, vague keywords will not help, you need be little specific and to the point. Effective usage of long tail keywords can help attract quality visitors and increase website traffic.



These Guidelines will help you build and efficient and catchy content that will impress readers and search engines at the same time. While composing content, you should never forget about delivering value to the readers.

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