As the world progressed towards digitalization, health and fitness apps are all the rage. These apps have helped people keep up with their fitness goals in a convenient way. Fitness apps witnessed a growth of 330% in the last 3 years. An endless number of people, regardless of age, gender, etc., are now using these fitness apps to make themselves fit and healthy. While some do home exercises using these apps, a majority of the people couple the usage of these apps with the gym?


For gym-goers, having an app proves to be in their best interest as they enjoy a digital companionship that keeps track of the performance, assists weight loss, guides on the nutritional intake, etc. As a gym-owner, including an app in your business, is the best bandwagon to hop onto. Health and fitness apps are said to enhance the fitness performance of the gym-goer and also tends to increase the gym member retention. Let’s explore 3 reasons why including a fitness app in your gym is the best decision you will ever make:


  • Track the progress of members

Tracking progress is not only important for the individual who is looking to achieve some sort of fitness goal as it helps him/her evaluate performance, but it is also important as a gym-owner to see how people are benefitting from your gym. Introducing a mobile health app into your business delivers augmented value to your members, alongside allowing you to monitor their progress too. With such an app that includes progress tracking, gym staff can play a considerable role in the fitness journey of each individual.

  • Buck up engagement which eventually increases member retention

Member retention is the most important benefit associated with mobile apps. Health and fitness apps exist as a proven way to increase member engagement levels in a gym. Whether it’s through the use of push notifications to remind gym members of their daily workouts or starting important health benefit discussion in the online community. Online communities, in particular, provide an opportunity for members to share progress, discuss concerns, learn new health hacks, motivate each other, talk about different workouts, etc.

  • Stream-line administrations tasks

Ever since the world has become digital, nobody likes to do paperwork anymore. While admin tasks are vital, it takes a good chunk of your day. With health apps, all these mundane tasks can be managed effortlessly. This saves you a lot of time which you can spend in devising workable member retention programs for your members. It will also enable you and your staff to interact with the members without ever being short on time.



With the increasing trend of fitness and health, fitness apps have become extremely popular amongst people of all age groups. Including one such app in your gym is a sure-fire approach to discovering a range of business-uplifting benefits. Whether it is to reduce the hours you spend to manage paperwork or increase the member retention rates through enhanced engagement, including this technology will not disappoint you.